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Drone usage vacates wins…

As the weekend approaches for seeding committees to meet to discuss and select teams for the post season will they vacate wins of some potential violators?
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Claims of an on-going investigation have not been serious per several sources. These unmanned aerial vehicles often referred to the masses as drones have been used in the regular season but should NOT be allowed in the playoffs that start next weekend in November.

"They should deem this action detrimental as it is a competitive disadvantage but again favoritism to schools with power and money dictate decision making forcing smaller schools to suffer again." - Anonymous source

Real time advantage for certain teams is useful information. It is so valuable to coach on the fly but an extreme disadvantage for the opposition if unaware of the rules. There have been several games where drones were used by only one team giving them the advantage. Many uneducated coaches have wanted to know how the hell it was possible since to use these devices and stated the association is not permissible without approval. Coaches said phone calls were not taken serious about allegations of unfair practices and did not feel comfortable writing a formal complaint in fear of retaliation. Many coaches and fans that reached out are saying drones are almost as bad as definitive transfers being allowed to play in 2018 after a 365 sit rule was implemented but other shenanigans allowed immediate or limited playing time.

So if you see a drone I guess post it online via social media so people are aware and maybe something will be done to create an even playing field. Especially if only one sideline is using the device and the opposition does not have the means to afford one. It is almost as bad as the end zone time clock only at a few district stadiums. If you can afford it you have the advantage. Another hot topic that has been overlooked and addressed.

Only time will tell if these unmanned aerial vehicles will vacate wins or impact the playoffs that are to be announced this weekend and again next weekend. It is already apparent nothing has been done about fluid transfers but at least many will be aware of the official unmanned aerial vehicles  (drones) policy headed into the postseason or offseason.


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2018 CHSAA State Softball Championships

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