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Winning Warriors (4-1) via Rod & company

Farewell non conference and hello league play is what the winning Warriors will be chanting come Friday at school. The mighty Arapahoe team took to the field on Thursday night and never looked back as they scored early and often in the second quarter on a pasting of the Douglas County Huskies. The contest saw multiple kickers and quarterbacks in a game that cleared the bench as if it were senior night. Something that is new for the Warriors as many previous squads were always senior heavy until the buzzer.
In Q1 at 7:58 #21 Jalen Thomas would grab an 8 yard pass from #6 Kevin Lukasiewicz but the PAT would be blocked on an attempt by #82 Dillon Lindhart. The score would be 6-0 until a couple minutes later at 5:38 when #8 Jake Hansen would snag a 25 yard pass from #6 Kevin Lukasiewicz and a 2 point conversion pass would fail and the Warriors would go up 12-0 and end Q1 with the two passing TDs.
As Q2 would start so would the rotation for the Warriors and #6 Kevin Lukasiewicz at the 10:38 cap off a drive with an 8 yard TD run. The PAT would be good by #10 Gus Frank and the route was on as it was 19-0. Seconds later at 9:01 #7 Payne Stiteler would scoop and score a 24 yarder for a TD and the PAT by #10 Gus Frank would go wide left for a 25-0 Warrior lead. We would have a Benson sighting in the first half and at the 4:38 mark #4 Connor Benson would strike with a 1 yard TD and #3 Sebastian Pucher would nail the extra point to increase the lead to 32-0. As time was running out in the first half #18 Jaden Schmeling would run 29 yards to pay dirt and the PAT by “seabass”, #3 Sebastian Pucher would take the Warriors into halftime 39-0.
The Warriors in five games have dominated the second quarter and have cleared the bench in at least two of five contests and real close in another. The strong point has been the defense all first half of the season. As many of the starters enjoyed orange slices at halftime the third quarter would start by surrendering an opening drive TD by #2 Grant Zaeske, a senior co-captain on a 4 yard run at 9:20 of Q3 but the PAT would fail by #20 Connor Mantelli to cut the lead by 6 as the score was 39-6. however, the Warriors would be creative at the QB spot in a fake out or wildcat type play that would directly snap to the RB. Eventually #4 Connor Benson would travel 18 yards at the 6:49 mark of Q3 to score a TD and a PAT by #3 Sebastian Pucher would start a running clock as it was 46-6. The clock runs at a 40 point spread.
As the fourth quarter came to an end a spirited #39 Cody Stoltz would scurry for a 38 yard run to score a TD as the clock about expired. The following play was a kneel down by #16 David Craig which will be considered a failed PAT run if you are keeping stats.
The DC Huskies had some bright spots but are a young team and will rely on #2 Grant Zaeske all season but Freshman #16 AJ Jackson will need reps as he flashed some talents Thursday night.
For an Arapahoe team that went 3-7 in 2017 and 5-5 in 2018 Rod and company have given Warriors fans something to cheer about. Not only are the Warriors winning but the all kids on the roster are playing and playing well as these high school kids are inspired and enjoying the riches of some talented coaches that have amped up the neighborhood kids with their passion and dedication to earn a 4-1 mark. The only blemish is that little neighborhood #MilkJug that resides at Heritage at 1401 W Geddes Ave in Littleton, CO.
The team will have one extra day to rest up and recover as they and others in Colorado football look to conference play next week. The Warriors take on a current (4-0) CT team next Friday while the DC Huskies face FFC. Warriors fans might catch or scout their next opponent Saturday night as it’s Lakewood (3-1) @ Cherokee Trail (4-0) at 6pm.
RPI as of Thursday night has Arapahoe at 10, RPI 0.601, RECORD 4-1-0, WP 0.800 OWP 0.467 and OOWP at 0.582. All will be recalculated after Saturday nights contests.

Game Stats:
8-1st downs
25 rushes for 108 yards
5/9/30 yards passing with ZERO TDs
7/85 penalties and 4 personal foul
138 yards of total offense
3 fumbles; lost all 3
#11 Spencer Graves 4/6/18 yards passing with 0 TDs and 0 INT
#16 AJ Jackson 1/3/12 yards passing 0 TDs and 0 INT
#8 Issac Sanchez 3/26
#17 Tucker Moore 1/5
#12 Kenneth Saunders 1/(minus 1)
#2 Grant Zaeske 9/48 – 1 TD
#16 AJ Jackson 4/27
#11 Spencer Graves 5/11
#12 Kenneth Saunders 3/13
#35 Tyler Stonebraker 3/11 lost fumble
#8 Issac Sanchez 1/(minus 2)
#20 Connor Mantelli 1/33 average

AHS Team
14-1st downs
27/199 rushes
8/14/199 yards passing with 3 TDs and 0 INTs
2/25 penalties
329 yards of total offense
ZERO lost fumbles
#6 Kevin Lukasiewicz 6/11/112 yards passing 2 TDs and 0 INT
#16 David Craig 2/3/18 yards passing 1 TD and 0 INT
#8 Jake Hansen 1/24/ 1 TD
#21 Jalen Thomas 3/56
#4 Connor Benson 1/18/ 1 TD
#15 Max Wilson 2/32
#84 1/0
#4 Connor Benson 10/61
#39 Cody Stoltz 4/53 1 TD
#28 Xavier Harrell 5/27
#32 T Jackson-Moore 2/11
#13 Max Roose 1/1
#18 Jaden Schmeling 2/42 1TD
#6 Kevin Lukasiewicz 1/8 1 TD
#16 David Craig 2/(minus 5)
#21 Jalen Thomas 1/(minus 6)
ZERO punts
RCHS 0-0-6-0 (6)
AHS 12-27-7-6 (52)

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Warriors defend the Jaguars

LPS Stadium was the host of a defensive battle on Friday night as the Rock Canyon Jaguars bolted North to face the homecoming Arapahoe Warriors in another near sell out crowd. The alumni would witness some fantastic play in what might be considered a baseball score. Early in the contest each team would post the goose egg on the scoreboard as both teams struggled to produce on offense. It was not until 8:43 of Q2 that #99 Sawyer Zook would be called upon to strike a 19 yard field goal to put the Jaguars up 3-0 and that was the halftime score. The teams would change possessions numerous times and late in the 3rd quarter a drive that extended into Q4 would result in a missed opportunity of a FG by Zook. However, on defense Rock Canyon would produce a big sack that forced the Warriors out of the red zone and miss a FG wide left. Eventually Arapahoe would strike at the 8:09 mark as #8 Jake Hansen would reel in a 26 yard pass from #6 Kevin Lukasiewicz and add a PAT by Freshmen #3 Sebastian Pucher to go up 7-3 in their only points of the game. As the contest came to an end it was again the domination of each defense that was the storyline Friday night.

Big plays at crucial points of the game turned this nailbitter into a game of whom wanted it more. Each side was amped up and had a key player missing from their starting lineup. But for Arapahoe it was their defense that swarmed all night led by #13 Max Roose who had 5 tackles and 3 sacks and a key one down the stretch. Both teams have one non conference game before league play but this would be a nice rematch come November. All guys from both sides tackled well and the scoring summary says it all, the most points on the board at 0:00 won the ball game.

Game Stats:
9-1st downs
29 rushes for 51 yards
16/27/140 yards passing with ZERO TDs and 1 INT
5/50 penalties and 1 personal foul
191 yards of total offense
ZERO fumbles
#18 Adam Mullen 15/24/131 yards passing with 0 TDs and 1 INT
#7 Brian Todd 1/3/9 yards passing 0 TDs and 0 INT
#88 Sean Stavaski 8/104
#81 Aaron Schultz 3/27
#47 Jacob Janicki 2/0
#4 Sean Hicks 1/0
#80 Antonio Leftwich 1/5
#40 Alec Sutula1/4
#2 Brendan Biondino 9/8
#18 Adam Mullen 9/23
#47 Jacob Janicki 11/23
#18 Adam Mullen 3/28.5 average

AHS Team
7-1st downs
20/41 rushes
10/17 passing with 1 TD and 0 INTs
4/41 penalties and ZERO in 2nd half
223 yards of total offense
1 lost fumbles
#6 Kevin Lukasiewicz 10/17/182 yards passing ! TD and 0 INT
#11 Adam Bakke 3/40
#8 Jake Hansen 2/56/ 1 TD
#28 Xavier Harrell 2/42
#21 Jalen Thomas 2/39
#26 Noah Aldawud 1/5
#28 Xavier Harrell 10/32
#13 Max Roose 1/9
#7 Payne Stiteler 1/<minus 1>
#6 Kevin Lukasiewicz 4/<minus 1>
#5 Charlie Fetterley 2/2
#4 Connor Benson 1/<minus 2>
#38 Brett Burns 1/3
#6 Kevin Lukasiewicz 4/22 average

RCHS 0-3-0-0 (3)
AHS 0-0-0-7 (7)

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