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Tigers Pierce the Warriors

November 3, 2018 | Playoffs Round 1 | LPS
#20 Lakewood Tigers versus #13 Arapahoe Warriors
It was a nail bitter in the first half filled with mistakes and missed opportunities on both sides of the ball. Connor Crookham, who needed to leave by 3:15 pm to play a soccer against Fairview on Saturday night, made a 27-yard field goal to give the Arapahoe Warriors an early 3-0 lead. Lakewood left a golden opportunity on the field and missed a field goal. As the sleet and rain came down prior to halftime the Lakewood Tigers got some much needed points on the board on a Kegan Hufford’s 28-yard field goal to tie the game 3-3 as the crowd cleared to the concourse.
As the second half commenced, The Warriors relied on Junior Connor Benson, whom seemed to take control of the game in quarter 3. On a seven-play, 80-yard drive the Warriors had a 10-3 lead, and it looked as if Arapahoe had the momentum. But then Pierce Holley, on a key moment in the game on fourth-and-9 at the Arapahoe 30 darted a pass over the middle to junior wide receiver Keondre Beauty, who bobbled the catch but snared it and bolted into the end zone at 8:38 to make it 10-9 after a wide right PAT attempt by Hufford missed.
Lakewood would dominate the game as they picked apart a porous defense that had four Warriors defenders running into one another and several trying to one arm tackle multiple Tigers. At 3:09 Elias Borjas would snag a 38 yard TD pass from Holley and Tyson Pallatt would cash in on a 2 point conversion for a 17-10 lead that would be the winning drive. As the quarter would come to an end at :22 Holley would dive into the end zone and Hufford would supply the PAT kick to Pierce the Warriors defense again and go up 24-10. In the 4th quarter it became embarrassing as the Tigers would continue to send edge rushers to dominate the passing attempts of Arapahoe that stalled in the second half of the contest. The AHS QB would be sacked 6 times on the afternoon. Eventually Holley would connect with Elias Borjas at the 6:19 mark for his second TD reception of the afternoon and Hufford would add the PAT kick to go up 31-10 and seal the victory.
The key play of the game most likely was the interception by Hufford that would lead to his field goal as the clock expired to end the first half. However, the blocked field goal by Arapahoe and Payne Stiteler will go unnoticed unless you were in attendance or watched the game on video demand.
Lakewood will travel to Eaglecrest on Friday for a 7pm contest while the Warriors will await a HUDL message to turn in their gear and get the season ending banquet information. Meanwhile, AHS kicker Connor Crookham will enjoy more soccer playoffs as he left immediately after the game to assist on a goal that had AHS beat Fairview 1-0 Saturday night to advance in the soccer matches.

Game Stats:
LHS Team
23-1st downs
22 rushes for 37 yards
25/36/333 yards passing with ZERO Ints and 0 TD in 1st half
5/40 penalties
370 yards of total offense
ZERO fumbles lost
#16 Pierce Holley 25/36/333 yards passing with 3 TDs and 0 INT
#3 Elias Borjas 9/133/ 2 TDs
#1 Keondre Beauty 4/105 1 TD
#8 Tyson Pallatt 5/40
#19 Charlie Ross 3/29
#33 Kegan Hufford 3/9
#5 Riley Thompsom 1/16
#33 Kegan Hufford 5/16
#19 Charlie Ross 1/6
#47 Kai Bickner 1/1
#32 JJ Black 1/0
AHS Team
16-1st downs
27 rushes for 83 yards
14/25/160 yards passing with 2 INTs and ZERO TD
5/55 penalties
243 yards of total offense
ZERO fumbles
#6 Kevin Lukasiewicz 14/25/160 yards passing with 2 INTs and ZERO TD (SACKED 6 times)
#15 Max Wilson 4/28
#21 Jalen Thomas 8/97
#4 Connor Benson 1/11
#84 Grant Keefe 1/24
#4 Connor Benson 10/91
#5 Charlie Fetterley 7/40
#6 Kevin Lukasiewicz 10/(-48)
#6 Kevin Lukasiewicz 2/42 average
LHS 0-3-21-7 (31)
AHS 0-3-7-0 (10)

ARAPAHOE Warriors Playoff History
All-time Playoff record: 18-23-0
1 State Championships in 2 appearances
2018 5A First Round L Lakewood 31 Arapahoe 10
2015 5A Second Round L Ralston Valley 21 Arapahoe 3
First Round W Arapahoe 31 Bear Creek 14
2014 5A First Round L Pomona 36 Arapahoe 32
2013 5A First Round L Ralston Valley 58 Arapahoe 28
2012 5A Third Round L Valor Christian 48 Arapahoe 18
Second Round W Arapahoe 17 Horizon 14
First Round W Arapahoe 42 Heritage 7
2011 5A First Round L ThunderRidge 28 Arapahoe 14
2010 5A Second Round L Regis 49 Arapahoe 14
First Round W Arapahoe 56 Denver South 28
2007 5A First Round L Arvada West 19 Arapahoe 14
2006 5A Second Round L Douglas County 30 Arapahoe 9
First Round W Arapahoe 10 Highlands Ranch 7
2005 5A First Round L Bear Creek 14 Arapahoe 3
2004 5A Second Round L Cherry Creek 38 Arapahoe 13
First Round W Arapahoe 27 Rangeview 7
2002 5A First Round L Northglenn 36 Arapahoe 35
2001 5A First Round L Mullen 28 Arapahoe 3
2000 5A Second Round L Bear Creek 48 Arapahoe 12
First Round W Arapahoe 27 Fairview 14
1999 5A Second Round L Ponderosa 32 Arapahoe 7
First Round W Arapahoe 31 Grand Junction 29
1997 5A First Round L Ponderosa 41 Arapahoe 19
1995 5A Second Round L Overland 28 Arapahoe 23
First Round W Arapahoe 43 Widefield 14
1994 5A First Round L Bear Creek 56 Arapahoe 21
1993 6A Second Round L Pomona 24 Arapahoe 14
First Round W Arapahoe 35 Denver East 12
1991 6A Championship L Cherry Creek 14 Arapahoe 0
Semifinals W Arapahoe 16 Horizon 14
Third Round W Arapahoe 24 Rangeview 6
Second Round W Arapahoe 35 Denver North 14
1990 6A Second Round L Montbello 21 Arapahoe 6
First Round W Arapahoe 14 Northglenn 13
1989 4A Second Round L Poudre 13 Arapahoe 7
First Round W Arapahoe 21 Bear Creek 0
1982 4A First Round L Wasson 27 Arapahoe 15
1970 3A Championship W Arapahoe 16 Pueblo Central 13
Semifinals W Arapahoe 15 George Washington 8
Second Round W Arapahoe 42 Lamar 21
1968 3A Second Round L Widefield 14 Arapahoe 0

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The Milk Jug goes to the Eagles

The Arapahoe Warriors and Heritage Eagles have been competing against each other since 1972 for the Brookridge Trophy, originated from the Brookridge Dairy Farm and acknowledges all that the farm did for the growth of Littleton from 1925-1948. However, the contest has become to be commonly referred to as the Milk Jug trophy. A series of annual games which intensified when the rivalry jug was created in 1996. Since the 1972 inception they did not play the match up 4 times, 1990, 1991, 2008 and 2009. If you gander at the photo or see the trophy up close you will notice that the black name plates are Arapahoe victories and the red signifies an Eagles victory.
Prior to the contest on September 7th, 2018 the series has been one sided as HHS has won 15 and AHS has 28 series victories. In 2014 HHS won the Milk Jug and prior to that in 2007. On Friday the Heritage Eagles would add their name to the Brookridge Dairy Farm Trophy and claim number 16. So in 46 years the tradition of the game continues as HHS is now a 4A team, due to enrollment and AHS is a 5A classification team. Regardless after the clock struck 0:00 the Eagles of Heritage were victorious and it was a sea of red on the field as well over 6,000 fans witnessed an exciting community game. The schools are less than 3 miles apart and share the same field in LPS Stadium. So this was as big as it gets for excitement in the Littleton or Centennial footprint for high school football.

The game was exciting from the start as AHS deferred the kickoff to the second half and HHS went on offense first. The Eagles did not mess around by tossing a 60 yard TD pass from #10 Conner Cummiskey to #3 Terrance Ferguson and the PAT was good by #15 Elise Chaffin to go up 7-0 on the opening drive at 11:41 of Q1. Both teams battled in Q1 but at the :45 mark AHS got on the board as #6 Kevin Lukasiewicz tossed a 5 yard pass to #21 Jalen Thomas and the PAT by #18 Jaden Schmeling was good to even the contest at 7 a side to end the quarter.

The second quarter was again exciting as defenses prevailed but at 7:20 #6 Kevin Lukasiewicz would use his legs to run, rather dive in for a TD and again the PAT by #18 Jaden Schmeling was good and AHS took a 14-7 lead. A few minutes later HHS would not be denied as #1 Gianni Palazzo would scamper in from 11 yards and his brother #19 Cristiano Palazzo  would get the PAT to even the contest at 14. AHS would stall in the red zone but relied on the leg of #18 Jaden Schmeling for a 28 yard field goal with :03 on the clock and gain much needed points. AHS went into halftime and the lead 17-14 and the crowd was in for a thriller.

The second half and 3rd quarter was dominated by the Warriors defense as they shutout the Eagles. Meanwhile at the 8:53 mark of Q3 AHS would sustain a long drive capped off by #5 Charlie Fetterly and a 2 yard TD run with a PAT by #18 Jaden Schmeling to advance the score 24-14 Warriors.

Moving onto the 4th quarter it would be another defensive battle in the trenches but the Eagles would not quit and got an impressive 25 yard TD run by #20 Grayson Gallardo and  #15 Elise Chaffin would add the PAT to cut the deficit to 3 with a 24-21 score. The game all night was marred by penalties and miscues as the offenses struggled to avoid the flags namely holding and a variety of personal fouls. However, the biggest break came with about 4 minutes to play when a QB to RB exchange deep in Arapahoes territory proved to be costly. The ball was bobbled around the field and #11 Everett Darrington would recover the ball on the 5 yard line. Seconds later at the 3:55 mark of Q4 #1 Gianni Palazzo would scamper right in from 5 yards out and his brother #19 Cristiano Palazzo  would get the PAT to take the lead for good at 28-24. The Milk Jug will now reside at 1401 W Geddes Ave, Littleton, CO 80120 or the home of the Heritage Eagles for the 2018 season.

Competing Cousins: Hayden, Brodie & Zach Gonzales with HHS HC

The biggest take aways from this contest were stingy defenses, multiple personal fouls and miscues that led to points. #11 Everett Darrington of HHS would impress with 5 tackles, 1 interception and 1 fumble recovery that led to the lead and victory. Meanwhile for AHS #24 Chris Petrides continues to dominate as he had 7 tackles and  1 interception on the night. In the end it was a fantastic night for a ball game in Littleton and many were entertained by neighborhood football. Every contest unfortunately has a winner and a looser but the winners tonight were the players on the field that knew one another from little league or the neighborhood. While the Eagles became victorious it was a win for both sides as it was more of a friendly rivalry. In addition there were competing cousins, 2 from HHS and 1 from AHS that shared the post game moment as they hugged and took a photo post game together. All in all it was a good night for football and the individuals that contributed that are being added to the #GWL or #GonzoWatchList.

Game Stats:
HHS Team
11-1st downs
24 rushes for 51 yards
11/22 passing and 142 yards with 1 INTs
12/112 penalties and 4 personal fouls
193 yards of total offense
#10 Conner Cummiskey 11/22 passing and 142 yards with 1 INT
#3 Terrance Ferguson 8/141/TD
#26 Caden Downs 3/-minus 1
#1 Gianni Palazzo 10/50/2 TDs
#30 Will Allen 6/17/lost fumble
#20 Grayson Gallardo 1/25/TD
#10 Conner Cummiskey 6/0 yards
#26 Caden Downs 1/7
#7 Jack Leibold 3/36 average

AHS Team
17-1st downs
30 rushes for 90 yards
15/29 passing with 1 INT
8/90 penalties and 3 personal fouls
311 yards of total offense
#6 Kevin Lukasiewicz 15/29 221 yards 0 TD with 1 INT
#21 Jalen Thomas 4/87
#28 Xavier Harrell 2/80
#15 Max Wilson 3/33
#26 Noah Aldawud 2/5 with 1 TD
#4 Connor Benson 2/4
#11 Adam Bakke 1/7
#5 Charlie Fetterley 1/3
#28 Xavier Harrell 10/63 *Penalty (11/144)
#6 Kevin Lukasiewicz 10/-Minus 1
#4 Connor Benson 5/13
#5 Charlie Fetterley 3/8
#13 Max Roose 1/5
#7 Payne Stiteler 1/2
#11 Adam Bakke 4/30.5 average
AHS 7-10-7-0 (24)
HHS 7-7-0-14 (28)
HHS 16 Trophy Titles
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