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Game of the week 2018: Week 3 #copreps

We are talking March Madness and basketball but what a whirlwind to get the Milk Jug finally a reality! Due to changes in the new 2-year football cycle and realignment there was confusion about the new system. The issue was moving football up a week and advancing the schedule to August 23-25, 2018 rather than August 30 – September 1st. Many of the non 5A classifications had loose schedules in place based on weeks NOT dates. In addition “Zero Week” is no longer but many may call scrimmages on August 17th zero week.

Regardless, the community game will be our week 3 Game of the week. (#GOTW) Arapahoe will be the guest to Heritage the home team in a stadium both call home in LPS stadium. Heritage, 4A versus 5A Arapahoe is a neighborhood school pride Rival Game for the Milk Jug and for community bragging rights.


Currently the game will be hosted by the Eagles on Friday September 7, 2018 at 7pm

If you have been a long time follower you will know to attend all local college events for FREE and put your cleats on college campus events. The only paid ones are listed on the website and will be updated as information becomes available.

Until the season starts best wishes to all in the off season and we will see you on the field or on Twitter As always we will post #BreakingNews on @303Gonzo twitter and facebook.A few dates to circle on the calendar:
February 7, 2018 1st official day to sign NLI until April 1st
May 1, 2018 access to 8th graders into OTAs
August 6, 2018 Start to 2018 Colorado football day 1 practice (No Contact or Pads)
August 23-25, 2018 Week 1 start to 2018 Colorado football season formerly zero week now called week one.

Spotlight Player: Zach Canales #52 Regis Jesuit Raiders


The JK Mullen Mustangs (0-2) versus the Regis Jesuit Raiders (1-0) is a matchup that the players all know what is on the line this week, Friday September 8, 2017 or week 2 in Colorado. Some might say bragging rights in the parochial school arena but others know its a must win to remain Top 10 in 5A football and one victory closer to the goal of a state title run.

A win on Friday night means their goal to the post season just gets stronger for the Raiders and perhaps a little more respect. Meanwhile the Mustangs, featuring 3 division one commitments, is going for win number one of the season after loosing to Pomona and Valor which either are arguably the #1 ranked 5A football teams in 2017. (See POST WEEK 1 5A POLL SEPTEMBER 2, 2017)

Our Spotlight athlete is Regis Jesuits Zach Canales #52 of RJ vs wk 2 Mullen

“We are looked down upon but we will go out and earn the respect we deserve. As a team we are going to maximize our strengths of our team as we play guys 2-ways. They have some big guys up front but I think we are going to be good winning up front. We are going to have to make some key plays in the game. In big games like this its going to be some key plays. As long as we do our job we can beat any team as long as we don’t beat ourselves. So winning STATE is possible,” said Zach Canales, REGIS JESUIT Senior Center, long snapper and LB.

Canales will have his hands full with JK Mullen and NG Aidan Ikaika Keanaaina #76 Friday night. However this is nothing new as last week Canales battled  #99 from Creek and last year a division one player in Malcom Williams.

Williams is a verbal commit to the University of South Carolina. Canales battled this athlete and proved his wealth on a national stage. Also stock in Canales began as regional coaches were attracted to Zach and his high level of football IQ and ability to compete with the best. Heavy interest in Zach landed him visits to TCU, Boise State, Air Force and CSU. CSU has requested he attend their game this Saturday but is contingent on the ACT college boards exam that has many students occupying their Saturday schedule. When asked about his size Canales said, “I might not have the D1 line attributes but maybe fullback or linebacker is where the coaches are projecting me. Wherever they want me to play I will find a contribution to the team.”

Canales also mentioned, “Our season started with Creek week and we started off a little slow. We made some changes and started working as a team. We got a little nervous towards the end of the Creek game but knew we could drive it down the field. Creek is a big rival but so is Mullen and we lost to them last year 17-0. It was nice to get the victory in week one but now its just going to propel us to watch a lot of film and pay attention to how they run their schemes. We are just going to have to execute our plays. Mullen is a really good team but we will be ready Friday.” 
Mullen at Regis 7pm Friday is going to be a tough matchup. However, Canales says” whoever has the drive and conditioned all summer will be the team that wins.”
On Friday night #52 will center the offense for the Regis Raiders. Meanwhile take a lot at his film and see how he plays BIG!

Canales mentioned growing up with players on Eaglecrest and a team to watch but said, “Highlands Ranch is a sleeper team.” Regis will get a crack at HRHS in week 4. As far as completing his senior season Canales said, “One team I always wish we played was Valor. It would be nice to see how we match up and would compete. We have faced all the other top teams. Regis seems to have a well rounded roster and players will will be keeping eyes on but on Friday the center of attention will be the man that touches the ball on every offensive possession, #52 Zachary Canales.

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Game of the week #Zeroweek

The 2017 Season is under way as Thursday saw 5 teams play. 2 teams are 1-0 and 3 are 0-1. Multiple scrimmages transpired and will continue on Friday. However, tonight is the biggest night of high school football as 5 – 5A games,  5 – 4A games, 8 – 3A games, 11 – 2A games, 2 – 1A games and 4 8-man games get underway. We will update all scores on the website and encourage you to bookmark

In February when we saw the preliminary schedules we choose the #GOTW (Game Of The Week) because it could be a preview of the State Title in 2017. Also because the coaches updated HUDL and MaxPreps prior to August 15th. This allowed us to research and be prepared for each of the 11 Friday night games. Zero week and weeks 1-10.

Game of the Week on Friday night could feature 4 division one athletes all graduating in 2018.

Last year in the season’s first game, the Pomona Panthers defeated Mullen 28-21 in their zero week football game. Pomona quarterback Ryan Marquez was again a standout while fans were introduced to teammate Billy Pospisil.  As for Mullen they introduced quarterback Dominic DePizzol that will take the reigns for the 2017 Mustangs.

Uriah Vigil was the hero catching a TD from Ryan Marquez with 26.6 ticks on the clock. The story line tonight is will he or won’t he play. #21 Max Borghi a Pomona Football athlete and Washington State verbal commit. 

Adrian Jackson a safety and linebacker is verbally committed to Oregon and two offensive players Florian McCann III, lineman and back A’Jon Vivens an athlete have verbal commitments to Colorado State.  So the fact remains JK Mullen will line up 3 division one athletes all graduating in 2018 and possibly a 4th in #21 Max Borghi a Pomona Football athlete that will be a game time decision.

The Pomona (Arvada, CO) varsity football team has a neutral non-conference game vs. Mullen (Denver, CO) on Friday, August 25 @ 7pm at the NAAC.

Over / Under

#GOTW #ZeroWeek @303Gonzo #copreps

AUGUST – The 2017 season is upon us in Colorado! @303Gonzo has been planning for months and with the help of some great coaches sharing schedules we have a bunch of games on tap to cover each week. While many media outlets have for years covered a handful of teams we feel Colorado has much more to offer. Each week will feature a different team and some long time rivalry games. As Colorado has expanded school districts so have the sampling of games. No longer are football games solely on Fridays. So that means we will continue the Thursday, Friday and Saturday coverage of high school football in Colorado.


Thursday August 24th kicks off the season and we have you covered. One out of state match up and a local ditty. Meanwhile Friday has over 25 games but the one that is most intriguing is the fan poll favorite, Pomona vs JK Mullen in 5A.

Should any contest be rescheduled we will update the week of the event on Wednesday. The 3rd day will feature one of the most under the radar teams in Highlands Ranch.

HR nearly knocked off Columbine last season in the playoffs who lost to Pomona who advanced to the State title game versus Valor.
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I am sure some people will disagree and some may agree. So feel free to comment or respond. Remember this a project of passion and FREE content. I know others troll the twitter account @303Gonzo for their paid subscriptions and articles. However many hours traveling to fields, watching film and talking to athletes went into evaluating, ranking and the #GWL (GonzoWatchList).

See you on the fields.


img_0634Cherry Creek received the opening kick off and drove down the field in Q1 at 10:40 on a Padilla pass to Stanley. If it were not for Bad Luck The Warriors would not have any luck on Thursday night. At 8:47 of Q1 a nice defensive play off CC #1 got tipped into #14s hands and it was 1st and 10 on the 11. 30 seconds later at 8:17 a mental mistake of not enough men on the line of scrimmage would push back the Bruins. Creek would stall out and a botched snap on a field goal attempt at 6:22 of Q1 would give the ball to the Warriors. A bad hand off by #8 to #27 created one of many mental mistakes for AHS. Arapahoe at 4:51 punted 25 yards to give CC great field position on the AHS 48. Less than a minute left in Q1 AHS had life when #1 dropped a pass at :47.8 However A reverse to Stanley and a successful PAT would put The Bruins up 7-0 as Q1 came to an end.

This would be all the points the Bruins needed all night. The defense of Arapahoe did a quality job for being a bunch of neighborhood players. At 7:42 we saw a great tackle by AHS. However, the inability to cover #14 all night was the pitfall. At 6:34 of Q2 #14 Stanley hauled in another nice catch for a TD.

The score would be 14-0 Creek. The AHS offense could not get drives going but the defense continued to be succesful and noticed at 5:13 of Q2 when #44 Deven Harriet had a sack at midfield. Unfortunately a questionable Pass Interference on Freshman #34 Jayle Stacks at 4:04 continued the drive. But the AHS defense would not give up as #71 Gannon Gosselin laid the hammer and sacked Padilla at the 2:07 mark of Q2. But as time was expiring at :44.7 of Q2 Creek scores to go up 21-NADA and that was the halftime score. GOTWlogo303The Warriors would show adjustments and a nice long pass to #88 Jalen Thomas who would be caught from behind from a CC safety that saved a TD. On 1st and 10 from the 13 the warriors would cave in and settle for a field Goal by #30 Nate Rapue to be behind 21-3.

AHS managed to hold Creek and get the ball back. On this drive the Warriors would go to #89 Jake Groth to the boundary at 2:58 of Q3 to make it interesting. A nice run by #24 Phelan would net a first and 10 from the 18 that would lead to a beautiful screen on the next play for a TD. However, an unnecessary penalty on AHS had it revoked and a Field Goal was missed to the right at  :04.3 ofQ3. Another missed opportunity and mental mistakes killed The Warriors. The 4th quarter would be a dominated by the Arapahoe defense. Creek did insert another Sophomore QB in #7 Makaio Frazier that ran the ball well. Arapahoe did get robbed on a fumble recovery that was clearly their ball and referees denied Arapahoe an opportunity in what was a relatively close game if you eliminated the terrible calls all night long.

This gave Creek the opportunity to widen the gap and they did on another Stanley TD.

AHS inserted its Sophomore QB #12 Lukasiewicz and at 5:40 of Q4 Kevin had a beautiful TD pass called back. Lots of home cooking disappointed the visitors. Even multiple coaches scouting the game from area schools commented on the number of bad calls with the over/under of 4 that changed the momentum of the game. The video does not lie so you make the call:

The referee was right on it and BLEW it! It is a travesty the zebras continue to make bad calls or flat out do not pay attention to what was a great throw and catch in what was a lopsided score anyway. Let the kids rejoice in the score so late in the game. Anyway, it is what it is and AHS would drop to 2-1 and Creek improved to 2-1 on the season. If Creek is Top 10 AHS needs to be Top 11! On a positive note #14 had a heck of a game and we caught up to him post game.

#14 is Dimitri Stanley and has caught our eyes as he made some nice grabs tonight. Could be one of the best 5A wide Receivers thus far in 2016. We shall see when Grandview plays CCHS and #GWL Gentry. Creek rolls 28-3 and will likely stay in the top 10. Arapahoe deserves some votes as they played well despite the referees inability to get it right again and cause some kids a sleepless night.

#GOTW Thursday Preview Arapahoe versus Cherry Creek

GOTWlogo303Arapahoe versus Cherry Creek seems intimidating when you eyeball it on the 2016 schedule. However, once you scratch the surface and take a look at the rosters it may be more of an evenly matched game than one would think. Arapahoe is only returning one starter on defense and has several offensive linemen with varsity experience unlike Cherry Creek. The Warriors Friday returned veteran and Senior Anthony Belitz ARROW_smallto the offensive line, a much needed addition to shore up suspect play versus Rock Canyon in the AHS opener. (See Post) Beliz dominated on defense in week one and enjoyed a sack with defensive line mate Connor Shindol. The Warriors generally do not have 2 way players like most 5A teams. However, that may change by week 6 and conference play and the development of talented JV players. The undefeated Warriors defense of 2015 only returns Junior Alex Smith. Very similar to Cherry Creek and Senior Jonathan VanDiest. CC will be young and inexperienced as they have at least eight players on each off the ball that are new to varsity football and possibly nine.

Some would say CCHS is an experienced JV team led by Senior Jonathan VanBeast or playoffs QB Alex Padilla, a sophomore.  versus Doherty had 143 rush yards and 2 rushing td’s. While Padilla had 200 yards passing, 1 TD in the air and 1 TD on the ground for their first 2016 win.

Both teams are young in experience and it may come down to coaching or which players want the win more than the opposition. Arapahoe is coming off an emotional win versus neighbors Heritage in “The Battle of a Milk Jug, ” and retains the LPS trophy with back to back victories in 2015 and 2016. AHS opened with a nail biting win of 10-5 in neighboring Rock Canyon and is 2-0. CC 1-1 lost its opener to Regis and was suspect last week in a win to a tough Doherty opposition. So this Thursday night will define the direction of both 5A teams.

The question may be can the offense of the Warriors control speedster VanDiest and go 3-0. Conversely can the Warriors defense apply the necessary edge pressure and bring the house like other teams that continue to beat the Bruins.

  • Warriors (2-0) at Bruins (1-1)
  • Stutler Bowl
  • Thursday September 15
  • Game time 7pm Your Source for HS FB
Your Source for HS FB

The Arapahoe Warriors (Centennial, CO) football defeated the visiting Heritage Eagles (Littleton, CO), 17-3 in Friday’s non-league bout. In their next game, the Warriors face the Cherry Creek Bruins (Greenwood Village, CO) in a non-league bout, on Thursday, September 15. Arapahoe will attempt to move on its 2-0 season record. The Bruins enter the bout with a 1-1 record after their 27-13 non-league win over Doherty (Colorado Springs, CO).

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Mullen kicked off to start the game and a stalled Regis offense punted to the Regis 42. Mullen went to workhorse #5 Shammond Hamilton for a 1 yard gain. On the 2nd play from scrimmage in Q1 at 10:22 #3 Dom Depizzol launched a 41 yard TD strike to #9 A’Jon Vivens and Freeman missed the PAT. Something of a recurring issue of late for Freeman but he does kick it out of the end zone frequently for touchbacks to help his defense.GOTWlogo303 #55 Taye Mitchell of Mullen was a beast on the second series for Regis by causing another 3 and out. Mullen benefits from a bad snap and the RJ Raiders that give up a safety for Mullen to go up 8-0 in Q1.

Regis defended the ball on the Mullen 46 but after back to back penalties for RJ, Mullen went to Shammond Hamilton but a offensive hold had it pushed back. A nice pass to #19 Justice Lobo-Lucio would position the Mustangs closer to the end zone but mental mistakes and a couple bad snaps would force a punt. The punt was fumbled by RJ and Mullen would convert that mistake into a 2 play running TD by Hamilton on a beautiful block by FB Krause. RJ came up big again on a blocked PAT so the score was a traditional 14-0 in Q1. Mullen surrendered a sack to #15 Jake Heimlicher and the remaining first half would be a game of defense. Heimlicher had a great game for RJ. Your Source for HS FB
Your Source for HS FB

Both offenses struggled in Q2 that featured an interception by RJ Patrick ROE and a sack by the human highlight #41 Tanner Clem of Mullen with contributions from mates Espinosa and Campbell. Clem would have sack number two of three on the night on RJ QB Lamb with Taye Mitchell late in Q2. Before the half RJ Patrick Roe would have interception #2. The first half was full of mental mistakes and penalties in a game that dragged on and exhausted 80 minutes of the night. Unfortunately before the half Mullen defender #24 Lavios Brown suffered an injury that is being reported as an ACL tear and possible season ender.

Eventually Mullen would settle down and use the legs of Shammond Hamilton to keep the clock ticking in the second half. RJ would have troubles snapping the ball all night and the inexperienced Junior QB Lamb would be rattled all night long. Lots of dropped passes by Raiders receivers because of phenomenal pressure by linebackers Campbell, Espinosa, 3 sacks by Clem and defensive tackle #74 Nathan Deitrichs and #55 Taye Mitchell. The front 7 of Mullen dominated the game and the score board proved Mullen put in the necessary hard work in this week to keep the Raiders scoreless all night long. The RJ defense held their own with great play from A. Hamilton (Sr), W. Kulick (Sr), T. Tuitele (Jr) and edge rusher J. Heimlicher (Jr). In Q4 Mullen would add a 41 yard field goal by Zane Freeman to add to their lead and go up 17-0 for good. However the story of the night was defense on both sides of the ball! (See Preview) Both teams seemed sluggish all night long but maybe because Regis beat Creek and Mullen pounded Valor last week. Tough opponents early in non conference  may be the reason in what may be considered playoff football in September. Friday was a cold Fall night but the Mustangs warmed up to a scoreless second half as the defense shutdown Regis and sealed a goose egg on the score board with a 17-0 victory. Mullen is 2-1 and Regis 1-1. Both suffering losses to top 10 ranked teams. Conceivably Mullen could be ranked #1 with Pomona in week 3. However the head to head match up in zero week might have voters go with the Panthers that won the game 28-21.BreakingNewsWatchlist Week Two Rankings into week 3:











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Last week The Valor Eagles may have been singing the tune “Don’t believe the hype” about the Mullen match up.”
However, after a schillacking by the Mustangs of 41-10, Valor has to change their tune. Regis has to be a little worried after a massive blowout but the Raiders have had The Mustangs number the past 3 seasons. Many of the 2017 graduates probably remember the student section rushing the field like they won State during the 2013 season. Combine this with all the talk of D1 players the Raiders will want to stymie the Hype similar to the game last week that limited CCHS to 7 points.GOTWlogo303 Some of the keys to tonights match up will be the talented Mullen defense that features 15 players vying for the starting 11 spots to stop Regis’ QB in Justin Lamb(JR) or Mike Mcpeek (SR). Lamb has a similar build like Valor QB McCaffrey that the Mustangs embarrassed last week. Mcpeek has the experience unlike Mullen QB Dominic Depizzol who has filled in nicely for injured 3 year Varsity starter Jovan Tafoya. Depizzol is 1-1 in his only two Varsity starts as a current sophomore. If his offensive line performs like last week and contributions from Vivens, Hamilton and McElroy Jr. the skys the limit. Tafoya has not announced a return publicly but was seen in warm ups and wearing a wrist band last week. Perhaps we will see Jovan Tafoya tonight but it will be up to Head Coach Tom Thenell. There has been a tremendous talk about 3 players on the Mustangs roster but they have depth! The linebackers are the story for this team. Many do not talk GPA on the field but these linebackers get it done both on and off the field. Come February 1st and #NLI day you will see the fruits of their labor. 

Mail AttachmentGet used to hearing more about #33, #41,#54, #55 in addition to many others on game night. These guys are the reason we hear so much about the talented defensive backs as they communicate across the line to set up the plays. Check the video! #4 had a stellar play versus Pomona and #33 had a forced fumble scooped to his team mate versus Valor. #41 has become a human highlight film and #54 and #55 have managed to do their jobs and the reason Mullen is on a winning streak. So tonight you will hear the names Espinosa, Clem, Campbell and Mitchell in additional to the usual suspects for the defensive Mustangs unit. Now the Mullen offense needs to stay afloat as several receivers had butterfingers the past two weeks but you have to like the blocking of #34 Krause for the Thunder and Lightning RBs. Your Source for HS FB
Your Source for HS FB

Regis will have to step up big time as points may be limited but they also have a nice young defense in place. Last year we tagged LB and #GWL Tama Tuitele for his play. This year we are seeing two former QBs wreak havoc as defensive edge rushers. However, the story is which of the two QBs will spread the ball around to #1 DJ Jackson, #11 Quentin Birch and #83 Jack Weigand. Game is set for a 7pm start and our #GOTW Game Of The Week coverage will continue all weekend.

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#GOTW PREVIEW Heritage v Arapahoe

The Arapahoe Warriors football team has a home non-conference game vs. Heritage tonight at 7pm at LPS Stadium. The venue is shared by both teams so it will be an even playing field for the rivalry game as it is home to both teams.GOTWlogo303 This is a great neighborhood match up as many players were on little league teams or classmates in middle schools together but are at Rival schools now. The series is so popular that they play for a “Milk Jug.” A souvenir of sorts but very meaningful in the Littleton and Centennial areas down south. The series continues as Heritage now plays in 4A while Arapahoe remains in 5A because it is about the community and having FUN in high school sports, something many forget about when scheduling competition. So each team will play for pride and one year of bragging rights. Arapahoe currently has possession of the trophy. Your Source for HS FB
Your Source for HS FB!

Eyes will be on Junior Brody Csikos OT of HHS, a big fella with great feet and runs well too. Also Josh Martin (JR) RB/Slot that will produce big for Heritage. Jordyn Jimenez (So) WR, 6’2, a multiple sport athlete that runs well and plays ball in air as well as we have seen. John Carlson (SR) TE will be huge for HHS, 6’2″ 230 and great target that blocks extremely well. The program has done wonders for a neighborhood team and has some solid dudes like Senior Mitchell


Debban, who is another receiver that can take the top off as a starting FS and plays both ways as WR. Last season we saw a talented Chase Hansen do whats best for the team and played several positions but will take the helm at QB alongside an impressive JR in RB Tyler Zoesch. Check his film versus CT in a playoff game last year and all season. On the #GWL is Preston Mortensen and Matt McClurg both 6’5″ 300 pound linemen that deserve some love from local schools at the next levelARROW_small. Hint, Hint college coaches.

Meanwhile on the flip side of the ball will be a rebuilding Arapahoe team that returns only one starting defensive player in Junior Alex Smith from a perfect regular season 2015. A few guys that shinned last week were Seniors #10 Kyle Tennant off the edge and big boys Anthony Belitz and Rugby mate Connor Shindoll that were a wrecking crew versus Rock Canyon. (See article) The “SWARM” defense seems to keep AHS in games but a struggling Offense needs to kick it into high gear if they plan to compete in the 5A Mt. Massive conference that features a loaded Grandview team and a competitive Doherty that plays CCHS tonight. The Baseball score of 10-5 is still a “W” but the running game was suspect and usually the DNA of the warriors. AHS has some BIG dudes upfront so this will be a game of the trenches as the Warriors are small upfront compared to the Eagles who are 300 pounds across the line. Remember “Low man wins” and will we shall see tonight. Both teams are 1-0 but this game is about pride so it should be a thriller!

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#GOTW Preview Rock Canyon vs Arapahoe

Arapahoe is coming off a undefeated 2015 perfect regular season of 9-0 and South Metro League conference title. ARROW_smallThe Warriors beat Bear Creek in playoff game one to continue the streak but ran out of gas in the second half of playoff game 2 versus Ralston Valley and ended up 10-1. Ralston Valley the following week lost to Valor who eventually became the State Champions of 5A football. The Warriors now look to Senior Connor Desch for the starting quarterback job in 2016 with two Sophomores in Kevin Lukasiewicz and Josh Donovan as valuable options for AHS. There will be several choices at running backs in Jake Novak, Matt Phelan, Jeff Ulibaberri and possibly a couple talented sophomores. The Class of 2019 is loaded! A close eye will be on a transformed offensive line that was stellar during the undefeated regular season. The famous Swarm defense only returns Junior linebacker Alex Smith for the Warriors this fall. However, look for offensive big men turned defenders in Seniors Anthony Belitz and Connor Shindoll to lead the front for a young defense this 2016 season. 1354308340_rock_canyon_jaguars

Meanwhile Arapahoe will host the Rock Canyon Jaguars in week one and a neighboring school only 5.9 miles away in The battle of Countyline Road. Rock Canyon returns two impact players in Senior WR Eric Hommel (67 receptions for 840 yards and 11 TD in 2015) and Senior Running back Jacob Snocker that rushed for 504 yards and 7 TDs. The Jaguars will be young as they have host of underclassmen and will feature a Sophomore quarterback in Adam Mullen.

GOTWlogo303Thursday September 1st is our first #THFFNL game of the week featuring Rock Canyon vs Arapahoe and a battle of two neighboring schools which is rare in these parts. (5.9 mi) “The battle of Countyline Road ” starts at 7pm at LPS Stadium at 699 E Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO 80121

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