All #GonzoWatchList A Work in Progress for 2017


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    1. Absolutely Do not have any players. I am not a trainer.
      I Make NO money off anyone. Its about educating families on having FUN in HS. Not to worry about being D1 before taking a snap in HS or completing their Senior season.

      Actually I spend my personal monies to help young athletes and do a RADIO Show to create a buzz in Colorado.

      The mantra for most colleges is Colorado is a D2 at best state and I am trying to change that culture.
      No one spends more time on Youth & High School talent evaluations like I. So YES, I have a pulse on the sport of football in this State.

      100% My opinions only and I do listen to a few friends that have NO athletes in HS but are familiar with Colorado Football.

      I attended CU Boulder and understand what it takes to be surrounded by talents and what coaches look for in an athletes. Also attended a high school that produced several multi sport athletes.

      Basketball and Baseball are also sports I evaluate.

      Why do you ask?

      If I missed someone please provide me with the Athletes Name, Jersey #, School & Position(s).

      My website is FREE
      No monthly expenses and I live in Colorado. Not many can say that as they rely on parents flying all over the country to hob knob and pump chests. So NO popularity contest here just solid film and an eye for talents.

  1. I ask because there are some lists and even some “all-state” teams sponsored by trainers and facilities-which is fine, but they should disclose. Just like to know what I am spending time on reading and/or listening to-

  2. There are some solid QBs on this list. Isaac Schley camped along side (often on the same team as) some of these QBs across the country this summer at exposure camps. Colorado QBs are definitely being under recruited. They out shined kids from across the nation – kids with D1 offers, stars, rankings you name it, but were over looked because of their 303 affiliation. I think Isaac should be selected for many reasons: He has exceptional knowledge of the game and the position, and exceptional mechanics, especially footwork, to go with it. He has varsity level experience running multiple offensive schemes, and can function with ease in both shotgun and under center. He is a natural leader among teammates and takes command of on-field momentum. At 6’4″ and 220 pounds, with competitive official athletic measurements, he passes the eyeball test like few others. His talent and character have been recognized by USA Football with their selection of him at QB to represent the USA on the U-19 U.S. National Select Team vs. Canada in the International Bowl this January. They select “top right” players who have not only strong football skills, but also strong character and strong academics. With a 4.49 GPA and 32 ACT, in addition to his athletic abilities, size and stature, character and leadership, he’s a perfect choice for your QB as well. In addition to fact that he’s a genuinely likable and good guy.

  3. The QB from Prairie View, Ben Meraz #15 should be on this list. Not only managed to run for nearly 1000 yards as a QB, but did it with a team that was injury bitten like no other team I’ve seen. One of the best athletes I’ve seen play the QB position and arguably the best option QB in the state

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