May Day

The month of May is at the midpoint and we have seen spring football, OTAs and recruiting for June college camps. May is when many high school students graduate and head off to their commitments. Late May becomes all about the Juniors and the class of 2019. Since April 15 many college coaches are identifying student athletes that they are interested in inviting to camp. Their list of athletes might be based on position of need or simply guys that pass the infamous eye test. Regardless, everyone has heard player XYZ has been offered and assume that is a guarantee for next level. The fact is that is a falsehood as it just means one of many coaches would like to see your cleats on their campus running their drills and being evaluated by the total group of coaches that have invited players on their trips to be assessed in their home state or city.
Yes it seems a bit confusing but why a plan of action needs to be in place for many families as there is NO guarantee in life or in recruiting until the NLI is signed by both parties to seal the offer.
Now that we know what transpires in late April and May lets talk about all these writers that sell subscriptions. Yes these are the guys interested in the sports world but for a fee. The $10 a month is incentive to write more about the subscription based parents athlete or school. Now more than ever gyms, trainers and subscription based entities troll social media trying to sell you hope, hype and a bid to a fee based all star game. It is time to wake up and smell the roses and Don’t believe the hype!
Too much Hype can lead to disappointment so just earn it and do the work by being a good teammate and show up to earn 100% attendance at you high school coaches activities. After all that is the place where college coaches roam the hallways during evaluations and grab your film. So May Day is more of an awareness period for many to be proactive. Especially those that did not gain an offer or have been posting many but do not realize they are not committable upon receipt. May is a preparation period for June and possibly July. So develop your plan of action Don’t believe the hype! Create your destiny. In addition to the “Eye Test” camp invites bring copies or email ACT/SAT scores to college coaches along with your senior year schedule so they know how and when to contact you. A complete package makes the evaluation go smooth as no one has time to research all this information come August or September.
Dream Big but do the work and do NOT buy into the HYPE machine that many continue to do on a daily basis to take from your wallet!

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