What is #Goodstuff

Many times we bring breaking news stories, scores and more. However, when it comes to recruiting it is a tough fine line as we rely on the athlete to accurately report their status. So rather than using social media that ABC player received an offer from XYZ team we simply just acknowledge the posting with #Goodstuff. #Goodstuff came about when an over hyped player used his twitter handle to say he received his first offer and it was requested to be taken down. Obviously we had to state our position with the school using a screenshot to prove why we reported the offer. Since that day and moving forward ” #Goodstuff ” has become a way to acknowledge we are aware of not only offers but other awards or events that are meaningful. That being said, we do not have affiliation with the subscription based websites that eventually report or attach information to individual profiles. Once again we are a FREE Webstie, Blogger and Social Media outlet with a focused prep football audience. Our online and social media communities are built to report accurate news with your help so please do not report inaccuracies. On that note it is unnecessary to post about camps or all star games that you are invited as those are pay to attend or play. On the other hand if you are selected to the Florida or Texas game in January that is news as those are free sponsored events.
As of today, Thursday June 28, 2018 we are 8 weeks from the first contests of the Colorado High School season. This is the time we will report more comprehensive on the field performances and hope you submit game day videos. We wish many of the athletes a successful off season as Colorado awaits August 6th and the official start to the fall sport of football. So with less than 6 weeks to official practice make sure you are bonding with team mates and attending the campuses of schools you think will be a good fit. Remember offers are not like Halloween candy and handed out to everyone that knocks on a door. You have to earn it with due diligence both on and off the fields. The video may say you can play but the academics via GPA and/or ACT/SAT will say if you can be next level and eligible. Sports is not an entitlement rather a inherently deserving opportunity for student athletes that checks all the boxes and has done the amount of work to have a right to play next level on a scholarship. We wish all of you success and will encourage #Academia1st that will give you opportunities 55-60 years after high school, post secondary schooling and athletics.

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