Sorry 2022 graduation athletes

Do not believe that your success is about making the Varsity roster as a freshmen. Not to be mean but the reality is Y’all have never taken one high school Varsity football snap, shot on the golf course or hardwood or a swing for the fences in a real contest. There are a few reasons why teams play incoming 8th graders. The most common is usually a depleted program forced to field players to be compliant. On occasion there is an athlete that is an upgrade to a position based on upperclassmen that never put in the work to secure a job. Lastly we have been told of aggressive parents that made a deal to attend the school if the player was guaranteed a spot on Varsity. Something not earned but given like entitlement we often hear about in the past decade.

Now we can agree there are some talented 2022 graduation athletes but time will tell the story. The incoming 8th graders that join the summer program after May 1st each year have a better success rate than those that wait until August. Some of the more successful statewide programs work with the various leagues and will mention the May 1 date at school open houses.

We wish all you incoming 8th graders and class of 2022 success but do not come in with a chip on your shoulder as you have 3 year players in front of you that have been in the weight room or have been honing their crafts. The Golf courses are filled with athletes hitting buckets of balls and the black tops with players shooting the round ball and even a few fields with soccer balls or lacrosse balls being kicked or tossed around just like wrestlers during summer camps. Meanwhile in football it is 7 on 7 that consumes most rather than fun in the sun at the swimming pool.  Just remember to have FUN and make high school a pleasant memory and be a team player. Less drama and hard work is a recipe for success so go work for it and earn it so you can own it!

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