Wolves devourer Eagles

Commerce City, North Denver was the sight of the homecoming game for the Eagles of Adams City versus the Westminster Wolves. In a crowded and loud home stadium two area teams matched up fairly well as at 8:16 of the first quarter#2 Romeo Rodriguez would run 23 yards for the first WHS TD and #28 Miguel Villalobos would be score the 2 point conversion. It was 8-0 at the end of Q1. Apparently the Wolves have a soccer PAT kicker that did not participate Thursday night and going for 2 was the mantra for the night.
As Q2 started #30 Anthony Reiman would run 2 yards for a score but the PAT failed as #34 Tanner Sisco was stopped short on the 1. However, moments later at 8:26 #34 Tanner Sisco would run 52 yards to paydirt and again the PAT failed by #30 Anthony Reiman. Meanwhile before the half the Wolves with 22 ticks on the clock would get a TD #34 Tanner Sisco, his second of the night from 13 yards out and the PAT by #23 Louis Armijo would be good and the halftime score would be 28-0.
The second quarter proved to be the runaway period for WHS but in Q3 at 9:09#30 Anthony Reiman would reel off an 8 yard run for a TD and the #34 Tanner Sisco PAT would be stopped on the 2. On the ensuing series for ACHS a pick 6 of 36 yards would occur for #26 Seth Cordova and the #34 Tanner Sisco, PAT run would be good. The running clock would start as it was 42-0. WHS would play some substitutes in Q3 and Q4 and on the last play of the game Adams City QB#1 Alexis Murillo would toss a 28 yard pass to #2 Liban Shongolo to avoid the shutout. Since the running clock transpired there was no opportunity for a PAT.
The STORYLINE of the night was two neighborhood teams matched up but the Wolves would rely on the legs of Rodriguez, Sisco and Lopez and ran away wiith the game in Q2. The back breaker was in Q2 as ACHS had a bad series and Westy capitalized on a mammoth run. For a team that had ZERO passing yards it is evident the run game is their strength. As you will see from the numbers below it was a one sided contest as the Wolves devoured Eagles. We did see some players that we will follow all season long and may be added to THE #GonzoWatchList
Game Stats:
WHS Team
17-1st downs
45 rushes for 338 yards
0/6 passing and ZERO yards with ZERO TDs
6/50 penalties
338 yards of total offense
Lost 1 fumble
#2 Romeo Rodriguez 0/6 passing and 0 yards with 0 TDs
#2 Romeo Rodriguez 5/85/1 TD
#34 Tanner Sisco 9/83/2 TDs DEFENSE: 5 Tackles, 1 INT, 1 Sack
#14 Nic Lopez 11/75
#21 Nathan Silva 5/17 yards
#28 Miguel Villalobos 7/52
#30 Anthony Reiman 2/10/2 TDs
#10 Ezekiel Loera 2/19
#4 Zach Jameson 3/<minus 1>
#19 Malakhai Romero 1/ <minus 2>
#14 Nic Lopez 1/55 average

7-1st downs
14 rushes for <minus 13>
11/22 passing with 1 TD and 3 INTs
6/41 penalties and 3 personal fouls
106 yards of total offense
Zero lost fumbles
#1 Alexis Murillo 11/22/119 yards 1 TD with 3 INTs Sacked 3 times
#2 Liban Shongolo 6/72
#22 Isiah Richardson 1/19
#21 Jacob Marquez 1/11
#8 Francisco Rodriguez 1/8
#5 Jonathan Esparza 1/5
#10 Dadiri Abdikadir 1/4
#2 Liban Shongolo 7/9
#21 Jacob Marquez 2/10
#1 Alexis Murillo 4/<minus 29>
#22 Isiah Richardson 1/<minus 3>
#81 Eddie Casteneda  4/26.5 average

WHS 8-20-14-0 (42)
ACHS 0-0-0-6 (6)

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Somebodys “0”h has gotta to go…

Somebodys “0”h has gotta to go;
3-0 will be 3-1 or 2-0 to 2-1?
10 teams in 5A and 4A are undefeated.
Here is a look at some teams with the goose egg in wins or losses so the big questions is who is the contender or pretender. RPI has been released so winning games is no guarantee for post season, PERIOD.
On Monday we would have said the top 10 teams probably would be favored to win but now RPI muddied up the waters.
* Cherry Creek (3-0) @ Pomona (2-1) – Thursday
CC is loaded and Pomona is on a rebound from a suspect Valor team many are wondering how they are undefeated but will be tested Friday
* Ralston Valley (3-0) @ Loveland (2-0) – Thursday
5A versus 4A and Loveland did not benefit from RPI.
* Horizon (0-3) @ ThunderRidge (3-0)
TR beat FV last week and many asked why we picked that game to view LIVE, well who’s your daddy? TR is #1 in RPI and Horizon is better than most will admit or know if they just scoreboard watch.
* Columbine (3-0) at Highlands Ranch (1-2)
Uh, playoffs last 2 seasons and HRHS schedules the Rebels for homecoming? Yeah flip my wig!
* Prairie View (0-3) @ Smoky Hill (3-0)
Culture change is good, unless the wheels fall off Smoky goes to 4-0 on what most likely will be a 10-0 season. Reminds me of 4 years ago in the Metro South of AHS and Westminster 10-0 to get waxed in the playoffs but don’t discount Tommy T.
* Eaglecrest (3-0) @ Legacy (0-3)
Coachless after game 1 and Looney has the Raptors rolling. Legacy is struggling and the DC of EC coached with the HC when he was the OC at HRHS so can we say EC will be 4-0… YES!
* Poudre (1-2) @ Cherokee Trail (3-0)
Well the wheels on the bus go round and round for the #FOCO team and the long hall will be interesting as Poudre might shock CT.
* Wheat Ridge (1-1) @ Arvada West (3-0)
4A versus 5A, enough said as AW will be 4-0
* Pine Creek (3-0) @ Valor Christian (3-0)
PC might recall 2011 and the pasting VC put on them 66-10 in 2011 4A state title game. 5 sub 11 track guys for PC will test a suspect VC defense that has not been tested. 4-0 is a no go if Joe does not play. Joe Davis is the CU verbal that could put up 200 yards if healthy but our inside information says he’s on the shelf. Expect VC to unleash havok game 6 when transfers become eligible.
* Fountain Fort Carson (1-2) @ Grandview (3-0)
Well now probably the most entertaining 5A contest as FFC is playing an aggressive schedule and GV needs to prove the doubters they are for real. Last year they knocked off VC but now its a matter of what Wolves team will show up on game day.
* Pine Creek (3-0) at Valor Christian (3-0)
(See Above)
* Pueblo East (3-0) at Pueblo West (2-1)
Yeah buddy! P-Town football. Arguably the best 4A of the week.
* Fruita Monument (1-1) at Chatfield (3-0)
Western slope team comes East so the Chargers need to be ready for a team we liked all off season.
* Golden (2-0) at Standley Lake (1-1)
Is Golden for real or will SL steal one?
* Skyline (2-0) at Brighton (2-1)
Skyline has talent and the Bulldogs need to make things happen.
* Greeley Central (2-0) @ Longmont (1-1)
GC is a team that will surprise many but Longmont needs a week 3 win.
* Gateway (0-3) @ Vista Peak (2-0)
VP lost some talents to fluid transfer but Gateway is trying hard to get a DUB so this will be a great neighborhood contest.

* Grand Junction Central (2-1) at Palisade (2-0)
Big time football here as both are solid squads.
* Harrison (2-0) at Pueblo Centennial (2-0)
Long travels for a ball game but will be a thriller.
* Bayfield (3-0) at Durango (1-2)
Bayfield playing up, welcome to big boy football.
* Discovery Canyon (3-0) at Holy Family (2-0)
Who is for real? Both in a quest to pull out of the pack.
* Thomas Jefferson (2-0) at Fort Morgan (2-0)
TJ is a #RPI #1 so we featured them in a SPOTLIGHT and well Ft. Morgan needs to prove their salt.
* Pagosa Springs (1-2) at Basalt (2-0)
* Buena Vista (2-0) at Salida (3-0)
* Platte Valley (3-0) at Eaton (2-0)
* Kent Denver (2-0) at La Junta (3-0)
* Clear Creek (1-1) at Peyton (2-0)
* Meeker (1-1) at Limon (2-0) – Saturday
* Vail Christian (2-0) at Rangely (3-0)
* Akron (2-1) at Sedgwick County (2-0)
* Sargent (2-0) at Mancos (2-0) – Saturday
* Simla (2-0) at Custer County (2-0) – Saturday
* Otis (2-0) at Flagler/Hi Plains (2-0)
* Walsh (1-1) at Cheyenne Wells (2-0)
* Peetz (1-1) at Stratton/Liberty (2-0) – Saturday

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